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FMM Radiator Covers

All radiator cabinets comprise in essence of 2 parts. Self assembly radiator covers come in a flat pack and need to be assembled when delivered. Custom made radiator covers come assembled.

Part 1. A radiator cabinet made of furniture grade 18mm MDF, in the self assembly flat pack or custom made ranges. Alternatively in the decorative, designer or deluxe ranges the option of Laminate or veneered wood is available. Please click on the respective link for choices of colours within each range. Designer, Decorative Deluxe.

Part 2. As standard the flat pack radiator cover comes with a lattice MDF grille. The custom made made ranges come with a choice of, Fleur De Lys, Tudor rose, Sapphire or Elegance grilles. Alternatively you can choose to change this to any one of our the grille patterns from our designer MDF Range or our Decorative Brass range.

In order to choose your new radiator cabinet you firstly must measure the dimensions of your radiator cabinet. Instructions on how to measure it can be found in the section named Measuring Guide.
The next step is to assess whether or not you can accommodate a standard flat pack design this is for the self assembly purchaser and is the cheapest option. However this will limit the cabinet design and comes with the standard MDF lattice insert. For further instructions or sizes follow the Self Assembly link, which will see if this suits your needs.
If your radiator cannot accommodate a flat pack design due to the fact you have difficulty with location (i.e. a low window sill). You are more interested in some of the more decorative cabinet designs, prefer a finished cabinet then the Designer, Decorative or Deluxe custom made line will be the choice for you. To find out the style of cabinet that suits your asthetics of its surroundings please view the Style Section. The differences between these ranges are as follows.
designer decorative deluxe

• Multi panel designs
• Edges machined with a decorative moulding
• Front panels feature attractive complimentary motifs and flutes.

• Edges machined with a decorative moulding
• Front panels feature traditional pilaster design

• Multi panel designs
• Edges machined with a decorative moulding
• Front panels feature attractive complimentary motifs and flutes
• Cabinets exhibit additional 45° Angled sides with traditional pilaster design
• Angled tops to compliment the cabinet exterior
Next to choose your grille. Any radiator cabinet can have its grille changed to either one of the MDF Patterns, Brass Designs which come with or without woven wire backing, or even in Stainless Steel decorative designs.
If you require your radiator painted this also can be provided in a vast range of colours. A selection of our more popular colours are available within the Designer, Decorative or Deluxe pages.
Finally if you are still unsure or would like any advise on visualizing how your radiator cover would look, a member of our sales team will be very happy to guide you through. Please ask for Andy, Helen or Derek.


What’s the difference between solid wood, veneer and laminate?



Solid Hardwood means the grain of the lumber will carry through the core. Solid hardwood allows for pieces to be carved or lathe-turned, offering more detail in the wood’s presentation.

Hardwood Veneers are thin slices of wood, bonded to another composite wood product like plywood or particle board.

Laminates are a printed imitation hardwood surface that is applied usually to a composite wood product like particle board. This simulated wood grain or other pattern is reproduced out of paper, plastic or foil and then bonded to the base product. Because laminating is a surface treatment, this process doesn’t allow for any carving or detailing in the finish and is typically more simple in appearance.

With advances in technology, today’s combination of wood veneers and laminates may be difficult to distinguish from solid wood composition. Solid wood furniture is an investment and has it’s benefits, but it’s more susceptible to changes in humidity than a veneered or laminate piece. In a dry environment wood contracts, while in moist conditions it expands.


Vaneer and Laminate Colours and styles

Light Oak

Dark Oak

Medium Oak
Mahoganny Brown
Mahoganny Red


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