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wood radiator cover
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radiator cover uk

The cabinets are currently unavailable we are only selling the grilles.

Radiator Covers, Traditional Radiator Covers, Standard Radiator Covers, Bespoke Radiator Covers and Decorative Grilles.

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Unsightly, discoloured radiators are now a thing of the past. At FMM Radiator Covers we will help you to turn your radiator into a beautiful feature which will add style and sophistication to your room at an affordable price. Manufactured on our CNC computer controlled routers for perfect results.

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Not only do our radiator covers enhance the appearance of your room they are also a valuable means of maximizing the heat dispersion with vents top and bottom for essential convection currents. On a safety aspect if you have children or the elderly in the home a wooden radiator cover is a safety necessity. Stronger perforated panels can be supplied for extra safety if required. All covers have removable front panels for easy valve adjustments.

Self Assembly Natural MDF

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We have a self assembly range of wood radiator covers if you prefer to do it yourself, or for customers who require more choice please select from our extensive range of custom made covers in various finishes. We can of course manufacture a completely individual bespoke radiator cover made to your own design.

In the home radiator covers are suitable for many applications e.g. decorative features in lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and halls. They can also be used as covers for fireplaces, storage heaters, electricity meters or window seats.

Gothic Mahogany Veneer
Gold Basket Weave Grille

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As our range is formatted from numerous styles and sizes we are confident of being able to supply your exact requirements and ensure our product leaves you totally delighted with your purchase.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy choosing your FMM Radiator Cover.


We have over 50 different grilles available to further customize your radiator cover which are available in brass, gold annodised, aluminium, laminate, cane and high quality MDF in many patterns. Please visit http://www.decorativemesh.co.uk/ for our full range.


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